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What Are the Benefits of Jewelry Made by Hand?

Jewelry made by hand makes accessorizing your favorite outfits more unique and fun. Artisan-made jewelry has many distinct characteristics that make it worth the investment.

Whether you’re part of the 51% of people who buy jewelry for themselves or you’re looking for a gift for someone else, handmade jewelry is worth considering. You’ll find a range of styles and types of jewelry that you can’t find at the average jewelry store.

Check out these handmade jewelry benefits to decide where you should look for your next jewelry pieces.

Unique Differences in Each

Since each piece is made individually by hand, you’ll likely see some minor differences. Two people could order the exact same piece from an artisan and notice some minor differences.

Those differences aren’t blemishes or flaws. They’re unique markings that mean no one else in the world has the exact sameĀ pair of earrings, bracelets, or other types of jewelry that you do. You’ll likely have to look very close to notice the subtle differences, but you can feel good knowing you have a unique piece that was handmade.

Increased Creativity and Distinct Styles

When deciding how to find the best jewelry that’s unique and creative, you likely won’t find it in traditional jewelry stores. Mass-produced jewelry at chain jewelry stores often has a similar look.

When you buy handmade jewelry from an artisan, you get a little piece of that artist’s unique style. Every piece has more meaning behind it because the maker puts their experiences, feelings, and style into it. They might design jewelry based on past experiences, their environment, or other individual perspectives.

You’re also more likely to learn about the jewelry pieces. The artisan might include the backstory on each piece in the description or talk about what went into each piece. Mass-produced jewelry doesn’t typically have a unique story behind it other than having the goal of making money.

You often won’t find anything like a piece of artisan-made jewelry anywhere else. The creativity and distinct look let you express your personal style. You might get more attention and compliments on your jewelry since it doesn’t look like easily accessible jewelry.

Limited Jewelry Pieces

Jewelry made by hand takes much longer to produce than commercially made pieces. It’s more about producing a quality piece rather than quantity. The artisan is usually the only one making the jewelry, which means there’s a natural limitation on how many pieces can be produced.

Because of the slower, more methodical approach to making jewelry, handmade pieces are much more limited. That means you won’t see lots of other people wearing the same pieces or something similar. This is a perk if you like to be unique and trendsetting.

Ability to Customize Jewelry

Do you have a specific design in mind? Perhaps you like a piece you see on an artisan’s website or shop, but you wish it was slightly different. Maybe you have a significant life event or memory that you want to symbolize through jewelry.

Many artisans are willing to work with customers on custom jewelry pieces. They might be able to make small changes to their core pieces, or you can commission them to make something completely unique.

Increased Precision

Mass-produced jewelry is often made quickly, sometimes by machines. While that mass production creates consistent results, it doesn’t always mean the jewelry is precisely made.

When you choose handmade jewelry from a talented artisan, you get the precision and care that they put into every piece. They take pride in producing quality pieces. They often take more time to produce each piece, which means more care and precision can go into the production.

High-Quality Jewelry

Like the precision is often high in jewelry made by hand, the quality is also usually high. That includes the materials and the jewelry-making methods.

Jewelry artisans tend to go for high-quality materials that last. They hand-choose the stones and accents that go into the jewelry, ensuring each element is durable and beautiful.

Artisans aren’t employees. They are the business. Every piece they make represents them, so they want it to be the best possible.

Small jewelry makers rely on a reputation for quality to keep the business going. They take pride in producing quality pieces every time to protect that reputation.

Supporting Small Businesses

Buying jewelry made by an artisan supports a small business and helps fund that artisan’s dreams. You’re supporting the jewelry maker’s talents and allowing the artisan to make a living doing what they love. Your support might allow them to work from home and raise their kids or have more flexibility in how they live.

Globally, the jewelry market came in at $278.5 billion in 2018. Instead of funneling more money into huge jewelry stores, your handmade jewelry purchase puts it directly in the pockets of artisans, where it can make a much bigger impact on a personal level.

Supporting the Environment

Handmade jewelry is often better for the environment. Mass-produced pieces are made in factories, often using energy-hungry machines.

Jewelry made by hand takes less energy to produce. There’s often less waste because the artisan wants to make pieces as cost-effectively as possible.

Since the pieces are unique and high quality, they often last a long time. This cuts down on waste since the jewelry won’t end up in the landfill any time soon.

Personalized Customer Service

When you buy directly from an artisan, you often get better customer service. A customer-centered approach helps build a positive reputation for the artisan’s jewelry company.

You’ll likely find that artisans care a lot more about their customers than huge jewelry companies. They want their customers to be satisfied.

You might even communicate directly with the artisan if you contact customer service, which makes the experience even more special. It can make the jewelry pieces more meaningful to you.

Enjoy Jewelry Made By Hand

Jewelry made by hand lets you express your unique style in distinct pieces that aren’t found just anywhere. You also know you’re getting quality-made pieces that will last.

Are you ready to choose a piece of handmade jewelry? Explore all of our artisan handmade necklaces and other jewelry pieces.