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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Jewelry

Is your big day coming up? Are you having trouble when it comes to choosing proper wedding jewelry that suits your personal style and the occasion?

Don’t worry — it’s not as difficult as you might think to choose the perfect wedding jewelry!

Let’s go through everything you need to know to choose your wedding jewelry. Keep reading to find out what you need to know.


Wedding Jewelry Guide

Pairing your wedding jewelry with your wedding dress can bring about that extra pop you are looking for on your special day.

Keep Your Dress in Mind

Making sure your jewelry goes with your dress is an important part of choosing your wedding jewelry. If your wedding dress is white, make sure that you choose a metal that complements the shade.

Some shades of white, like ivory or champagne, go best with gold jewelry. Othe shades, like bright white, are better suited to shades that are silver or platinum. If you’d prefer rose gold jewelry, you’ll want to choose a blush dress or another shade with pinkish undertones.

If your dress isn’t white, you still need to make sure that the colors of your jewelry go with the color of your dress. For example, red and green dresses go best with yellow gold jewelry, while most shades of blue go better with silver or platinum. Make sure you find what’s right for you.

No matter what, it’s important not to mix metals. While mixed metal jewelry can look interesting and cool in your everyday life, it can be a distraction from your wedding dress and may end up making you look more casual than you probably want.

You want your wedding jewelry to highlight and accentuate your wedding day look, not take away from

Style Matters

The style of your dress is also important when it comes to choosing the right jewelry for your wedding. When choosing a necklace, the neckline of your dress is super important.

If your dress has a sweetheart hemline, you can choose a large necklace for more of a statement, or a choker for a dramatic look. If your neckline is more of a v-neck, you’ll want to stick with a pendant-style necklace. If your dress has a high neckline, you may want to stick with bracelets or earrings instead.

Strapless dresses offer more flexibility when choosing different types of necklaces.

The same principles apply to your dress sleeves; if you wear a sleeveless dress, you’ll have more flexibility to go wild with different types of bracelets. Those with full sleeves will want to keep it simpler.

And, your headgear also plays a role in what jewelry you should choose. If you’re wearing a tiara, you’ll likely want to keep the rest of your jewelry simple and streamlined. If you’re going with a veil, go with earrings or bracelets, since they’re less likely to clash, look chunky, or get caught in the material.

How you plan to wear your hair also plays into your wedding jewelry options. Those who plan to wear their hair up have more options when it comes to different types of earrings. If you plan to wear your hair down, you’ll probably want to stick with stud earrings and choose more complicated jewelry for areas that aren’t covered by your hair.

Don’t Go Overboard

It may be tempting, but don’t get loaded down with too much jewelry. Sometimes, less is more. You don’t want to be taking attention away from the bride on your special day, after all.

Pick one statement piece, and keep the rest of your jewelry on the minimal side. And, stick to one style of jewelry. If most of your jewelry is dainty and simple, having one large chunky piece will take away from the rest of your styling. It’s best to stay as cohesive as possible when it comes to choosing your wedding day jewelry.

Remember Your Engagement Ring

Matching your jewelry to your engagement ring can be difficult, particularly if you have a more unique ring.

If you have a standard diamond engagement ring, it’s pretty easy to make sure your jewelry matches. You can either pick standard diamond jewelry or pick one of your favorite colors to compliment your diamond ring.

You can even coordinate your bridesmaids’ dresses and flowers with whatever you choose, for a more cohesive theme for your wedding.

When in Doubt, Keep It Simple

If you’re totally lost, look for simple wedding jewelry styles that you like the look of. Pearls are always a classic choice that complements any wedding look.

Or, pick a color scheme and stick to it. Blues and greens, for example, are great examples that go perfectly with each other. Just don’t go overboard with a ton of different colors at once.

Either cool or warm tones are both options for your wedding day jewelry, but you won’t want to mix them together. And, you’ll want to choose the tone that looks best with your skin, so you won’t be washed out or greenish in the photos.

You probably don’t want to choose wedding jewelry styles that are completely different than what you normally choose to wear. You want to feel comfortable with what you’re wearing, and be able to look back at your wedding day jewelry with happiness.

Sticking with what you know and what feels right to you is one of the simplest ways to do that.

Your Wedding Jewelry Is Up to You

Ultimately, the wedding jewelry you wear on your special day is a personal choice. There are no wrong answers!

If you’re looking for unique handcrafted jewelry for your wedding day, you’re in luck. Check out our site today, and contact us with any questions.